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Awards And Achievements

Our Achievements

Imagine if we took 2.2 million cars off the roads across Australia this year. That’s how much GreenPower’s residential and business customers have already contributed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions since its introduction.

Established in 1997, GreenPower is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable electricity products offered by energy suppliers to households and businesses across Australia.

More than 900,000 residential and commercial customers across Australia have contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by buying GreenPower, resulting in combined annual savings of over 1.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by 2009 and approximately $88M worth of purchased renewable energy certificates (based on a REC price of $40).

The New South Wales Government first established the GreenPower Accreditation Program to accredit electricity retailers’ renewable energy products in that state.

The program was developed in consultation with the energy industry, and various non-government organisations including the Australian Consumers Association, Greenpeace, the Australian Conservation Foundation and WWF.

Since 2000, the program has been offered nationally through joint collaboration by participating jurisdictions, collectively known as the National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG).

Our Awards and Endorsements

GreenPower welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s release of information on carbon offsets claims as another recommendation of the importance of strict accreditation programs for business and consumer peace of mind.

Following a series of consultations with consumer groups, accreditation agencies, offset providers and corporate participants in carbon offset schemes the ACCC released a consumer guidance report as well as creating a handy new “environmental claims” section of their website.

The environmental claims section recognises that switching to electricity officially accredited as GreenPower—is a recommended way of reducing your carbon footprint:

‘If you pay for accredited renewable energy projects as an offset, you can be assured that a range of important factors have been taken into account. These factors include making sure the offset has not been counted towards other schemes, is permanent and secure.’

GreenPower wins Banksia Award

In 2005, the GreenPower accreditation program was the winner in the climate category of Australia’s top environmental awards.

The Banksia Awards recognise and reward individuals and organisations for leadership and excellence in protecting Australia’s environment.

The award congratulated GreenPower for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping Australia adapt to, and mitigate, the impacts of climate change. The award also congratulated GreenPower for being a “unique driver of behavioural change” amongst the other finalists.

Since 2005 the demand for GreenPower has more than quadrupled and the decision of thousands of Australians to switch to GreenPower has removed millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from our atmosphere. 


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