Audits And Reports

Audits And Reports

The GreenPower Program organises publicly available independent auditing of GreenPower Provider’s sales and purchases, making sure they are investing in renewable energy on the customer's behalf. These audits are listed below.

Quarterly reports are also listed below as part of the on-going commitment to provide stakeholders with information on GreenPower Products.

Annual Audits

Each year the GreenPower Program commissions an independent organisation to conduct an annual technical audit of GreenPower Products. The objective of the audit is to determine the level of compliance between participating providers and their GreenPower accredited products, and the National GreenPower Accreditation document. 


Quarterly Reports

The first section of these reports provide general information on the National GreenPower Accreditation Program. This is followed by an overview of each GreenPower Product with information on sales, purchases and customer numbers. 


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