Relevant Legislation

Relevant Legislation

GreenPower and NGERS

Companies that are among the most carbon intensive are required to report under the NGERS (National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme).

GreenPower is not fully deductible under NGERS, however the NGERS report which is publicly available shows the voluntary surrender including GreenPower.

For more information, refer here.

GreenPower and NCOS

For businesses striving to become carbon neutral, the National Carbon Offset Standard offers a very clear indication about how GreenPower is accounted for.

Under NCOS, GreenPower is considered carbon neutral electricity consumption, and as such, no emissions are added for the part of GreenPower purchased. For further information, please refer to the

Carbon Neutral Program Guidelines. 


The Renewable Energy Target and GreenPower

GreenPower is fully additional to the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target. This means that with the legislated target of 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity supply coming from renewable sources by 2020, any purchase of GreenPower will go beyond that.

If current trends persist (with GreenPower equal to approximately one-third of the renewable energy target) then we will have nearly 27 percent renewable energy in Australia by 2020.

More information about the Renewable Energy Target can be found here.

Relevant legislation

When marketing GreenPower products, please ensure that the legislative requirements under the Trades Practices Act are followed.

The ACCC has provided guidelines to clarify the information stated in the Trades Practices Act. You can download these from the links below:

Green Marketing and the Australian Consumer Law  Published 11 March 2011

Carbon Price Claims: A guide for Business Published 14 November 2011

Greenhouse gas disclosure on accounts

Greenhouse gas disclosure is required in some states. Please review the greenhouse gas disclosure for your accounts in all states to ensure that it is correct.

For some states disclosure is not a requirement. However, it may be useful in raising awareness for consumers about the link between greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. Download requirements from different states here:

ACT  Greenhouse Gas Disclosures and Customer Accounts

SA Electricity Regulations (General) section 7ABB and Electricity Act Section 24 (da)(iv)

VIC Electricity Industry Guideline 13

Relevant Legislation

GreenPower and NCOS

GreenPower and NGERS


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