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Have you purchased a GreenPower accredited renewable energy product for an upcoming event, and want to apply to use the GreenPower Event Logo to promote your efforts? 

Applying to use the GreenPower Event Logo is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

Simply submit the form below with your event details, the details of your GreenPower purchase and agree to abide by the GreenPower Logo Usage Guidelines and there you have it. 

You will receive the logo within days to promote your efforts to reduce your event's carbon footprint, which you can use on all your event specific materials including websites, brochures, programmes, social media and banners, just to name a few...........  

GP events logo example only

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    By accepting the terms and conditions above you:
    give premission to the GreenPower program to contact your electricity supplier and/or GreenPower provider to verify your organisation's electricity use and GreenPower purchases; and
    agree to supply evidence of your GreenPower purchase and electricity consumption details if requested by the GreenPower Program Manager for auditing purposes