Logo Application Terms and Conditions

Logo Application Terms and Conditions

  1. The Customer acknowledges that the GreenPower Logo ('the Logo') is the property of the National GreenPowerSteering Group(NGPSG) and that NGPSG may enforce its rights accordingly.
  2. The Customer warrants that they are a GreenPower customer entitled to use the Logo in accordance with the Conditions for Use contained in 'The GreenPower Logo Usage Guidelines'.
  3. The Customer is entitled to use the Logo pursuant to this licence:
    1. only if they have completed and returned to NGPSG this license application;
    2. only if they contribute and continue to contribute to a NGPSG product in accordance with the Conditions for Use contained in 'GreenPower Logo Usage Guidelines', as amended from time to time;
    3. only if they maintain the integrity of the Logo as detailed in the Style Guide contained in 'GreenPower Logo Usage Guidelines', ,as amended from time to time;
    4. as part of or associated with specific products and/or services only with written permission from NGPSG (which may or may not be granted at NGPSG 's absolute discretion), and subject to such terms of usage as NGPSG may impose.
  4. Where the Customer is no longer entitled to use the Logo, the Logo must not be used by the Customer and the Customer must withdraw any publicly available promotional or other materials displaying the Logo.
  5. The Customer shall not use the Logo as a marketing device to overcome negative publicity or connotations associated with dangerous or unhealthy practices or products, and NGPSG may in its absolute discretion deny or withdraw permission to use the logo in such circumstances.
  6. The Customer may only use the Logo for the period of the GreenPower Contract Term or until earlier termination or withdrawal of this license.
  7. The Customer agrees that NGPSG may in its discretion change the terms of this license from time to time by notice in writing to the customer.
  8. NGPSG grants to the Customer a non–exclusive license to use the Logo in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, and the Customer agrees that NGPSG has the right to terminate or withdraw such licence to use the Logo at NGPSG's discretion and without penalty.
  9. In agreeing to these terms and conditions the Customer gives permission to the NGPSG to contact their electricity supplier and/or GreenPower provider to verify their electricity use and/or GreenPower purchase

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