Join the more than 300,000 GreenPowered households in Australia that are helping to support our renewable energy sector and are reducing their impact on the environment at the same time.

Since the Program's inception, GreenPower customers have saved more than eighteen million tonnes of greenhouse gases from the electricity sector, and voluntarily invested more than $1 Billion back into Australia's renewable energy sector. 

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When you choose a GreenPower certified renewable energy product this commits your GreenPower Provider to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from government accredited wind, solar, bioenergy and mini-hydro generators.

This renewable energy is then added to Australia's electricity grids on your behalf. 

GreenPower certified renewable energy can be purchased through one of the more than 20 GreenPower Providers across the country, and you can choose the amount of GreenPower you would like to purchase – any where from 10%, through to 100% of your household's electricity use. 

And the more GreenPower you buy, the more you are helping to support Australia's renewable energy sector. This is because the bulk of the bit extra you pay for GreenPower goes directly back to the accredited generators - helping them to compete with fossil fuel generators.

The great thing about GreenPower purchases is they are additional to the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target. This means your purchase is increasing the amount of renewables in Australia’s grids higher than otherwise would be the case.

And you can rest assured the amount of GreenPower you purchase goes into the grid because GreenPower Providers are independently audited each year.

To see the list of providers offering certified GreenPower Products to households in your state or territory click here.

To see a list of the certified GreenPower Generators across the country click here.

Note: Some GreenPower products are calculated based on the average Australian household’s electricity consumption. Check with your electricity retailer to confirm the amount of GreenPower in KWhs.


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