Switching to GreenPower is an easy way to reduce your household emissions, and it doesn't have to cost you the earth. 

The price of purchasing the equivalent amount of your home’s annual electricity usage from GreenPower accredited renewable energy sources is less than the price of three cups of coffee a week.

GreenPower costs between 5.5 and 8 cents per kWh. Depending on how your provider calculates your GreenPower and how much electricity you use, you can pay from as little as $1 per week for 10-25% GreenPower.

The outlay for 100% GreenPower for an average Australian household, which consumes around 15-18 kWh each day, is roughly 80c to $1.50 per day. This option can shrink your household’s total emissions by half, significantly reducing your impact on the environment. 

Also, in many cases you can offset your GreenPower costs through energy efficiency measures. Find out how.

You do not have to change your current electricity provider to take up GreenPower, but there may be a fee involved with leaving your current provider, so read the fine print. 

The Australian Energy Regulator has also created a price comparison website called energymadeeasy to assist households in comparing electricity offers (including the GreenPower component) between different providers (ACT, NSW and SA only). Customers who live in other states or territories may be able to access other price comparison websites in their respective jurisdiction.

For more information on how to switch, click here

Note: Some GreenPower products are calculated based on the average Australian household’s electricity consumption. Check with your electricity retailer to confirm the amount of electricity in kWh you are displacing with GreenPower.


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