May 30, 2012

Public Consultation on Marketing Guidelines May 2012

The National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG) is seeking comment on the draft of the GreenPower Marketing Guidelines May 2012.
Changes in this version reflect the introduction of the Carbon Price and Marketing Messaging surrounding that.
GreenPower providers should pay particular attention to section 2.2:
  • subsection 6 refers to compliance with the Australian Consumer Law
  • subsection 7 which refers to the Carbon Price including timing, and what may or may not be stated at the introduction of the carbon price.


Please send responses via email to by Wednesday  27 June with subject line "Response to Draft of GreenPower Marketing Guidelines May 2012".

Submissions on the changes contained within the draft  Guidelines may be published on the website at the discretion of the NGPSG, unless the respondent requests that the submission remain confidential.
The NGPSG is unlikely to respond directly to submissions. However, should common themes arise in submissions from multiple respondents, the NGPSG may publish a collated response on the website.
The NGPSG will take all submissions into consideration before finalising the Marketing Guidelines but retains full discretion to amend the Guidelines as it sees fit.
Once finalised, the Marketing Guidelines will be posted on the GreenPower website as the current version. Please note the draft has been amended on 31 May 2012 to clarify the wording in section 2.2 subsection 7.4.

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