May 16, 2012

Public Consultation on Program Rules version 8

The National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG) is seeking comment on the draft of the GreenPower Program Rule Version 8.
Changes in this version reflect the exclusion of GreenPower Rights from the Program.
GreenPower providers should pay particular attention to the following sections:
  • 3.6 Balancing GreenPower Supply and Demand - this section includes clarification on the rules around shortfalls and excesses of LGCs;
  • 3.7.1 GreenPower designated Account - Providers should note the addition of the requirement to provide access to offers of voluntary surrender in the REC-Registry; and
  • 3.11 Treatment of System Losses - which are no longer considered under the GreenPower Program
GreenPower Generators (and Providers that report on behalf of Generators) should pay particular attention to the following section:
  • 5.7 Generator Report - with the requirement for generator reports now limited to special cases only
The NGPSG had indicated that further changes may be made in this version. However, it was decided to defer any other changes until 2013.
Please send responses via email to by Friday 15 June with subject line "Response to Draft of GreenPower Program Rules Version 8".
Submissions on the changes contained within the draft Rules may be published on the website at the discretion of the NGPSG, unless the respondent requests that the submission remain confidential.
The NGPSG is unlikely to respond directly to submissions. However, should common themes arise in submissions from multiple respondents, the NGPSG may publish a collated response on the website.
The NGPSG will take all submissions into consideration before finalising the Program Rules but retains full discretion to amend the Rules as it sees fit.
Once finalised, the Program Rules will be posted on the GreenPower website as the current version.

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