Oct 24, 2012

GreenPower Your Transport

An electric bike trial is being rolled out in Victoria. The electric bike is a sustainable, low-cost form of transport which is gaining momentum across the globe and a great opportunity to be even more sustainable if you recharge with GreenPower.


If you are up to a challenge and like sustainable transport, you might be interested in entering the electric bike trial to read more go to  


The main objective of Australia's first Electric Bike Trial, which will run for four years, is to increase awareness of electric bikes though participation while better understanding rider behaviour and ideals with the assistance of quality data collection.


Whilst some commuters ride their non-electric bike to and from work primarily because it is fast and good exercise not everyone is able to do so. A number of electric bike users, purchase it because they have a medical condition which prevents them from riding, their commute is too long to do on a conventional bike, or as part of their plan to eventually get fit enough to use their conventional bike for the commute.


Not only is the electric bike fun to ride, but it is also cheap; It costs only 40 cents to charge an electric bike including GreenPower and on one charge it can travel a distance between 30 - 100km's depending on the terrain, individual riding style and power of the battery.


The bike can be charged during off peak at night as it takes approximately 4 hours, although 80% of capacity is reached after 1.5hours.  


The top speed of the bikes is 25km's per hour, which is a regulated speed as per government regulations.


If you want to read more about electric bikes, please use the links below.


Electric Bike

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