Jul 01, 2011

GreenPower Audit Report 2009

Finalisation of the 2009 Audit was delayed in order to investigate apparent discrepancies between it and the 2009 4th quarter report.


Some figures showed discrepencies between the quarter 4 report for 2009 and the audited figures. These discrepencies have now been checked and the National GreenPower Steering Group is now satisfied that the figures in the 2009 audit report are correct.


Quarterly data is often based on estimates as the complete data may not be available at reporting time, this can lead to differences between quarterly reports and the annual audit.


The National GreenPower Steering Group is satisfied that the differences were an artefact of the quarterly reporting and not the audit figures.


The Annual GreenPower Audit for 2009 is now available.


A total of 2,194,934 MWh GreenPower was sold to GreenPower customers. This is a 10% increase in GreenPower sales compared to 2008.


1,001,195 MWh to residential customers and 1,193,739 MWh to business customers.


The number of customers for the 2009 Settlement Period was 904,716.


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