Jul 27, 2016

GreenPower Program moves with the times by launching new GreenPower Connect product.

In an exciting development for organisations looking to directly support new renewable energy projects in Australia, the GreenPower Program (the Program) launched the new GreenPower Connect product today.

GreenPower Connect has been designed to evolve the GreenPower product range to better meet Australia’s changing environment for large voluntary purchases of renewables, and to help achieve the Program’s core aim of driving investment in new renewables.

Increasingly entities, such as commercial buyers groups, are looking to enter into direct relationships with renewable energy projects by procuring renewable energy through offtake agreements. GreenPower Connect provides a low cost opportunity for these direct funders of large renewable energy projects to ensure the additionality of their renewable energy over-and-above the Renewable Energy Target, by surrendering their Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)[1]  via the Program’s robust and independent compliance audit framework[2].

Chairperson of the National GreenPower Steering Group, Tim Stock, says: “The aim of the GreenPower Connect is to capture a new market that has previously bypassed the Program due to the perceived cost of purchasing very large volumes of renewables through a traditional GreenPower product option.

This new product option makes it much more cost effective to surrender these certificates through the Program’s rigorous, independent and government-backed auditing process. Through GreenPower Connect, the administration cost for surrendering LGCs is significantly reduced."

Organisations purchasing through GreenPower Connect can also reap the many marketing and reporting benefits that GreenPower has to offer. For example, they are eligible to use the GreenPower Connect customer logo on their business materials to highlight their support for a new renewable energy project (or projects). They can also use their purchase to increase their building’s performance under the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and Green Star Performance Rating (for existing buildings). And because GreenPower purchases equate to zero emissions, GreenPower Connect purchases can be used by organisations aiming to become carbon neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard. To see the full list of reporting and marketing opportunities visit the Benefits page.

“The great thing about GreenPower Connect is it allows purchasers to connect directly with a particular project through an offtake agreement (contract). Several stakeholders indicated this direct connection is important as it showed a tangible benefit coming out of their endeavours to support renewables in Australia,” Stock says.

For more information on the new GreenPower Connect product call the GreenPower Team on (02) 9934 0778 or email Alternatively download the GreenPower Connect Fact Sheet and FAQs.

[1] Must be GreenPower eligible LGCs from an accredited generator

[2] Large-scale Generation Certificates must be surrendered through a GreenPower Provider


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