Aug 06, 2015

GreenPower Program Review Report & Recommendations released

The Institute for Sustainable Futures has delivered its final report and recommendations on the GreenPower Program Review (the Review). The report contains 18 recommendations aimed at ensuring the ongoing viability of the GreenPower Program (the Program).

The National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG) has met to start to discuss and prioritise these recommendations, some of which will be taken forward immediately, while others are over a longer time frame (out to 2020).

Key recommendations to be taken forward over the next 12-18 months include:  

  • Development of a Marketing and Engagement Strategy;
  • Introduction of a formal Stakeholder Reference Group to advise the NGPSG;
  • GreenPower fee reform, including community renewable energy;
  • Communication with the Commonwealth in relation to the interaction of GreenPower with various national programs and policies;
  • Feasibility of alternative GreenPower Product types; and
  • Engagement with the COAG Energy Council to seek jurisdictional commitment to the Program.   

Other key findings of the Review are that:

  • The Program can point to significant achievement against its aims;
  • The Program is vulnerable to changes in other programs, and the relationship between government programs needs to be clarified;
  • The Program is generally well designed and offers an important choice for customers that wish to voluntarily support additional renewable energy;
  • A marketing plan and brand refresh is required; and
  • Government backing of the Program is seen to be crucial to its credibility and independence.  

The NGPSG would like to thank all stakeholders that participated in the review over the past 18 months. Your input has been invaluable and will ensure the ongoing success of the Program. 

A summary table of findings, the full report and all submissions can be found here. 


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