Oct 09, 2014

Progress Update on the GreenPower Program Review

The Institute for Sustainable Futures has conducted consultations with a range of industry stakeholders to help identify issues and options for a Public Consultation Paper.

The stakeholders included GreenPower Providers, GreenPower Generators, the National GreenPower Steering Group and an Advisory Group made up of representatives from the Energy Retailers Association of Australia, Clean Energy Council, World Wildlife Fund, Public Interest Advocacy Centre and NSW Trade and Investment. 

These consultations have taken the form of Issues and Options Workshops, a GreenPower Provider Forum, a GreenPower Generators conference call and one-on-one interviews.

Consultation has also been undertaken by marketing firm Republic of Everyone, via consumer focus groups, with current GreenPower business and household users and non-users across the eastern seaboard. 

Once finalised, the Paper will allow all interested parties with an opportunity to provide input to the Review. 

The Public Consultation Paper was expected to be available in September/October 2014. However, the GreenPower Steering Group has decided to delay it until the Commonwealth Government provides more detail on the outcome of the Renewable Energy Target Review, as this may directly impact upon the GreenPower Program.

Although the Steering Group regrets the delay, it is considered to be necessary in order to ensure the appropriate options and discussions are factored into the consultation paper.  For more information on the GreenPower Program Review click here.


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