GreenPower Program Rule Changes

There are two major changes proposed to the current Program Rules Version 9.1.

  • A new GreenPower Product type (see Appendix F and G).

The proposed new GreenPower Product type, referred to as GreenPower-Connect, has been developed in response to Recommendation 16 of the GreenPower Program Review Final Report prepared by the Institute for Sustainable Futures in June 2015 <<insert Link of Final Report>> which found that three new product types (GreenPower Direct/GreenPower Local, GreenPower Government Direct and GreenPower Limited) “were all of interest to stakeholders and are worth pursuing”. GreenPower-Connect is closely aligned to the GreenPower Direct product but also contains elements of the other two product types.


GreenPower-Connect is aimed at commercial entities and government agencies that support the construction of large renewable energy generators by directly funding these projects and, as part of a contractual agreement, retain ownership of the associated Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs). The current volumetric fee structure makes it prohibitively expensive for GreenPower Providers to facilitate the surrender of these LGCs. The GreenPower-Connect product is a cost effective mechanism to enable these sales to go through the GreenPower Program.

In relation to the proposed fees outlined in Appendix F, the GreenPower Steering Group requests feedback on whether the fee structure adequately takes into account “buyer group” situations where one GreenPower Customer acts on behalf of a group of commercial entities to directly fund a GreenPower Generator.

  • Support for Community-owned GreenPower Generators (see page 34 and 37).

Eligible renewable energy generators that demonstrate community ownership will have their annual accreditation fee waived or reduced by 50% depending on the generator size.

This rule change was developed in response to Recommendation 10 of the 2015 GreenPower Program Review Final Report and aims to connect the Program to a rapidly growing sector.

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