Jul 22, 2014

GreenPower and the repeal of the Carbon Price

Electricity customers, that have GreenPower as part of their power mix, may see a reduction in their electricity costs following the recent repeal of the Carbon Price, depending on their electricity retailer’s pricing strategy and exposure to fossil fuel generation.   

The introduction of a carbon pricing scheme in Australia on 1 July 2012 saw an increase in electricity costs for some GreenPower household and business users. 

While the costs associated with the GreenPower component of electricity consumption did not incur an increase due to the Carbon Price, some GreenPower Product packages (i.e. the GreenPower component together with the standard electricity supply component) did see a cost increase. 

This increase was due to individual electricity providers’ levels of exposure to fossil fuel generation (their electricity mix), their internal pricing strategy and the agreements they had in place to purchase electricity from generators. 

The recent repeal of carbon pricing legislation by the current federal government means this is no longer the case. As of 1 July 2014 a legislated price on carbon is no longer factored into the overall cost of electricity by providers. 

For more information on the repeal of the Carbon Price and how it could affect the cost of your electricity visit the Department of Environment or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission websites. 


The pricing structure of GreenPower Products is purely a market-driven decision and is not regulated by the GreenPower Program. The mixture of electricity sources, the amount each provider pays for that electricity and for Large-scale Generation Certificates can vary significantly from provider to provider. As such, the cost of GreenPower Product packages varies from Provider to Provider.


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