Mar 10, 2014

Purchasing GreenPower can increase your building's Green Star Performance Points

The Green Star Performance Rating Tool  

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) launched the Green Star Performance Rating Tool in October last year.   

The tool is designed to address the efficiency and environmental sustainability of Australia’s existing buildings, and to provide building owners and managers with an understanding of how their building is currently performing. 

This allows building owners and managers to take practical action to improve their building's operational performance and reduce their building's impact on the environment.  

The tool does this by benchmarking the operation of an existing building against nine environmental impact categories: management, indoor environment quality, energy, transport, water, materials, land use and ecology, emissions and innovation. 

GreenPower can increase your buildings GHG emissions credit 

The ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ (GHG) credit component of the tool assesses the greenhouse gas emissions that can be attributed to a building’s operations. It awards more points the fewer emissions there are. Purchasing GreenPower accredited renewable energy can help to lower a building's GHG impact to achieve more Green Star points.

Here’s how it works 

Your building must first meet the minimum requirements relating to a building’s basic level of operations.   Additional Green Star points are then awarded based on the level of greenhouse gas emissions reduction you can demonstrate above and beyond the minimum requirement.  GreenPower is a great way of achieving these additional points. 

What GBCA has to say

“Using GreenPower is a clear and accountable practice for building owners to reduce the carbon intensity of their buildings,” says the GBCA’s Executive Director Green Star, Jorge Chapa.

More information

Read more about the GBCA's Green Star Performance Tool here.


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