Apr 16, 2012

GreenPower is going places with Electric Vehicles

At the recent GreenPower Providers forum, Kristian Handberg from the Victorian Department of Transport presented an update on the “Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial”.  The Trial was launched in October 2010 and is set to continue till 2014.  At present there are nearly 50 vehicles participating in the trial all of which are powered by 100% GreenPower supplied by AGL.  

The great advantage of a vehicle powered by 100% GreenPower is that it is emission free.  An electric car powered through the electricity grid, but not on GreenPower, still creates greenhouse gas emissions.  And if you live in Victoria, your electric car’s emissions are currently worse that they would be if you had an equivalent petrol driven car.


Electric Vehicles (EVs) represent a great opportunity for GreenPower, as it is still significantly cheaper per km to run a car on GreenPower than it is on petrol – about half the price based upon current energy costs.  GreenPower is the easiest and most easily communicated way for drivers to achieve the zero emissions benefits of their EV investment.


Another great advantage of EVs is the likelihood that they’ll be recharged at night, a time when the wind often picks up and when the overall electricity demand is low. This means that rather than competing with other items on the grid, EVs could complement existing use of the grid and even act as storage for off-peak generation of renewable energy.


The Victorian EV Trial is being delivered by the Department of Transport along with 60 partner organisations including major GreenPower providers AGL and Origin Energy. Over the life of the Trial 60 vehicles,and 200 charging stations will be operated by the 24 fleets and 180 households taking part.

GreenPower Electric Vehicle

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