Feb 15, 2016

GreenPower releases its decisions on the GreenPower Program Review recommendations.

The National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG) has released its decisions concerning the GreenPower Program Review recommendations made by the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF).

The NGPSG has accepted in full, or in part, sixteen of the eighteen recommendations made by ISF to ensure the ongoing viability of the GreenPower Program (the Program).The full list of these decisions can be found here.

Priority actions for 2016 identified

Of the accepted recommendations, the NGPSG has identified a number of key priority actions which it will be looking to implement in 2016.

These priorities are:

  • Engaging a consultant to develop an appropriate framework for establishing a Stakeholder Advisory Group to advise the NGPSG on market and customer developments, identify avenues to actively engage stakeholders in Program decision-making and provide advice on opportunities to increase the effectiveness of the Program;  
  • Developing a cost effective new product type (GreenPower-Connect), aimed at commercial GreenPower customers looking to directly support the construction of large renewable energy generators using the Program’s rigorous auditing process to ensure additionality to the Commonwealth Government’s Renewable Energy Target; and
  • Developing a new marketing and engagement strategy incorporating a brand refresh and relaunch; tools to better engage existing GreenPower customers and attract new ones and a strategy to secure the support of key advocates within the renewable energy and environment sectors.

To this effect, the Program is currently in the process of engaging ISF to develop a framework for the formation of the Stakeholder Advisory Group. It has also undertaken a public consultation concerning the proposed new GreenPower-Connect product type and will be engaging a specialist marketing firm to assist in the development of the new marketing strategy and brand refresh. The aim is to have this strategy in place by December 2016 and key stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide input into the strategy. 

Stakeholder consultations will also be taking place throughout 2016/17 on a number of the other decisions made by the NGPSG.

Background on the GreenPower Program Review

In 2015, an independent review of the GreenPower Program was undertaken by the Institute for Sustainable Futures. This included comprehensive consultation with a range of industry stakeholders to help identify issues and options. The aim of the GreenPower Program Review was to ensure the GreenPower Program remained relevant to today’s renewable energy purchasing environment. The Final Report was received in June 2015 and can be found here.


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