Oct 07, 2008

Iconic Federation Square GreenPower’s outdoor events

Iconic Federation Square GreenPower’s outdoor events

Iconic Melbourne venue and meeting place, Federation Square, has purchased GreenPower to cover the electricity needs for all outdoor events as part of an extensive Green Events program.

Federation Square has launched Green Events @ Fed Square, an initiative in partnership with AGL Energy which underlines a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The initiative means that:

1. All outside events at Federation Square will be powered by 100% AGL Green Energy™

2. The big screen in the square is powered by 100% AGL Green Energy™

3. Public toilets will be flushed with recycled water collected from the rooftops

4. Public urinals will be waterless

5. Site washing will be done with recycled water

6. Glass, metal, cardboard and paper are recycled

8. All sound is managed within EPA guidelines

The first Green Event at Fed Square is the Light in Winter festival running from 5 June until 5 July 2008 and celebrating light, enlightenment and hope.

Other projects undertaken as part of Fed Square’s Environment Management Plan include the installation of rain water harvesting tanks to provide recycled water for use in public amenities and for cleaning and watering.


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