Dec 23, 2013

Latest GreenPower Program Rules Published

The latest version of the National GreenPower Program Rules (Version 9) has been adopted by the National GreenPower Steering Group (NGPSG) and is available here.

After considering the submissions raised, all proposed amendments have been accepted and incorporated into the new version of the Program Rules. The following main changes have been made:

  • Section 3.7 – change to dates to compliance reflect the upcoming Settlement Period.
  • Section 4.5 – clarification of marketing materials, and new obligations for GreenPower third party advocates.
  • Appendix F – this new appendix outlines how annual accreditation fees for GreenPower Providers will be determined. This follows on from the NGPSG’s determination after considering submissions during the Full Funding Consultation in early 2013. 

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