Apr 03, 2009

Making it Easier to Switch to GreenPower in the ACT

"This means that when you ring up an electricity supplier to connect, the first product they will offer you will be sourced from accredited green energy, making it much easier for people to reduce their carbon emissions.


"At the weekend we in the ACT showed our environmental credentials with a fantastic response to Earth Hour, but this hour must not become the total of our efforts. Switching to GreenPower will underline your ongoing commitment to tackling global warming."

A month-long information campaign will accompany the new process for connecting to GreenPower.


Statistics from the National GreenPower Steering Committee show that in 2007, the ACT had 10,578 customers, which was almost double the level in 2004 of 5,710. Perhaps more importantly, the amount of GreenPower purchased in this time had almost trebled from 30,222 MWh to 91,994 MWh.


"This change in the GreenPower process for the ACT represents another action achieved under the ACT Government's climate change strategy, Weathering the Change, and follows on from other initiatives underway to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions," Mr Corbell said.


"On March 1, the ACT's generous electricity feed-in tariff began operation to encourage people to use renewable energy in their home or small business or organisation.


"This month we also saw the beginning of industry consultation on the Territory's proposed solar farm which, when completed, will be capable of providing enough energy for 10,000 homes."

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