Aug 18, 2008

Melbourne Flinders Street station goes a shade of Green

Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street station is turning a shade of green as Connex buys 25 per cent GreenPower for the station and its corporate offices. From midday, everything from escalators to passenger information at the station will be offset, in line with the State Government's plan to purchase 25 per cent GreenPower by 2010.


Already famous for its distinctive green roof, Flinders St Station is already a green hub environmentally, as well.


As Melbourne’s busiest train station, it hosts a large majority of Melbourne's 300,000 daily train commuters – operator Connex estimates that last year 420,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases were saved from being released into the atmosphere due to people taking the train instead of cars.


Train travel is the most environmentally-friendly mode of motorised transport, and rising petrol prices have seen patronage levels climb by 33 per cent in the past three years.


Connex chief Bruce Hughes said addressing climate change should be a priority for all business.


Today's announcement is the latest in a string of environmental announcements, including recycling programs and white lights at stations, from the train operator, which is currently competing to win the new contract to operate Melbourne's trains.


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