Aug 19, 2014

Powershop becomes a GreenPower Provider

Powershop Australia (Powershop) has become Australia’s newest provider of GreenPower certified renewable energy and is now offering a 100% GreenPower Product to business and household customers throughout Victoria.   

Called Meridian Green, their new GreenPower Product allows customers to proactively purchase electricity sourced from GreenPower certified renewable energy generators, which is then added to the electricity grid on their behalf.  

By purchasing GreenPower Products, customers are displacing the electricity they take out of the grid with renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions and minimal impact on the environment. Importantly, this renewable energy is additional to the amount of renewable energy already in the grid as mandated by government requirements – such as the Renewable Energy Target.

What’s more, by purchasing GreenPower, customers are helping to drive investment in Australia’s renewable energy industry. Thanks to GreenPower customers, more than $500 million has been invested directly back to certified renewable energy generators since 2009.     

A completely online company, Powershop is unique in that it allows customers to keep track of exactly how much electricity they are using and what it’s costing in real-time via their smart meter. Customers can view this data anytime on their computer, mobile or laptop using Powershop’s online toolkit.

Australia’s newest GreenPower Provider will purchase the bulk of its GreenPower from its parent company, Meridian Energy Australia, who own the GreenPower certified wind farm based at Mt Millar in South Australia. Any additional energy will be sourced from various other GreenPower Generators across the country.   

Ben Burge, CEO of Powershop Australia, says: 

“GreenPower sets the benchmark for the certification of renewable energy in Australia. Offering a GreenPower Product is an important way that Powershop can help existing and potential customers to feel confident about purchasing and supporting Australia’s renewable energy industry.”

Powershop joins the more than 25 GreenPower Providers offering more than 35 GreenPower Products to businesses and households across the country. To see the full list of all GreenPower Providers go to the household and business sections of the GreenPower website.


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