Nov 18, 2008

Rio Tinto looks to the wind to power its Perth Offices

Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore group has made the switch to 50 per cent GreenPower for their two biggest offices in Perth – Central Park and the Quadrant.


According to Allan Jackson, General manager Health Safety and Environment, the decision to make the switch came on the back of the Western Australian gas crisis.


“We were looking into the types of actions we could take to further reduce our energy use and environmental impact.


“GreenPower was one option we saw as a positive and tangible step towards reducing our environmental footprint,” he said.


But buying GreenPower isn’t the only way this global mining giant tackles sustainability. Their approach is all about embedding sustainable development into the way they work, from policy level right through to everyday decision making.


“We are always looking for ways to do it better and our employees from across the business play an integral role in generating ideas to help us achieve this,” said Mr Jackson.


Rio Tinto’s decision to make the switch to GreenPower in these two Perth offices will save around 1820 tonnes of CO2 per annum – the equivalent of taking 581 cars off the road.

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