Rosary Primary School switches to 100Percent GreenPower

On 17 September 2008, Rosary Primary School officially signed up to 100 per cent green energy from ActewAGL’s green energy program, Greenchoice. ActewAGL Director Marketing and Corporate Affairs Paul Walshe and Minister for Education and Training Andrew Barr flicked a giant switch, symbolising the school’s support for 100 per cent green electricity.


Mr Walshe said, “ActewAGL congratulates Rosary Primary School for leading the school community by displacing 100 per cent of the electricity used by the school with green energy from Greenchoice. This change will reduce CO2 emissions by 82.2 tonnes – the equivalent of taking 19 cars off the road for a year.


“By signing up to Greenchoice, Rosary Primary School are supporting renewable energy generation from sources like mini hydro, wind power and biomass.” Rosary Primary School Principal Maureen Doszpot said, “Our school has a very active group of parents who have encouraged us to implement an energy saving program, which has been very successful and has reduced the cost of our energy bills. “We are using the money we have saved to make this switch to ActewAGL’s Greenchoice program.”


The school will also receive accreditation as an EnergyWise school from the ACT Government Sustainable Schools Program at the event.


For more information on ActewAGL’s green energy program, Greenchoice, visit


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