Sep 01, 2008

Willoughby Council Got the GreenPower

Willoughby City Council has switched to 100 per cent accredited GreenPower for the energy needs of its Administration Building and Chatswood Mall in spectacular fashion on Thursday 21 August as part of the popular Melody Markets in Chatswood Mall, Victoria Avenue, Chatswood.


Roving wind turbines, stilt walkers, a sound and light show and an overly dramatic countdown culminated with the flick of the oversized switch as Willoughby Council changed over to GreenPower.


The first major initiative to be rolled out as part of the third term of the e.restore program commencing in July, the switch to GreenPower strengthens Willoughby’s move to reducing its carbon footprint by 50 per cent by 2010.


“Electricity currently represents 81 percent of council’s emission profile. Green powering these key sites will save more than 1 373 tonnes of Greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to taking 319 cars of the road each and every year,” said Willoughby Mayor Pat Reilly.


In addition this year the entire Willoughby Spring Festival which includes 45 fabulous festivities and the Willoughby StreetFair will be 100 per cent green powered and council is encouraging event goers to consider leaving their car at home when travelling to events to ensure this year’s festival is the most Sustainable yet.


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