Case Studies

These are real life stories from our current customers. If you would like to tell us about your experiences, please contact us.

Case studies
Ahead of the Game with GreenPower



Business Type: Game Developer

Number of Employees: 30

MWh purchased: 35 Mega Watt Hours Electricity

CO2 emissions saved: 35 Tonnes of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Melbourne game developer, Firemint runs on 100 per cent GreenPower at its Richmond based business. The 35 megawatt hours of GreenPower accredited electricity Firemint purchases needs means greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by around 35 tonnes per year, the equivalent of removing eight cars from the road a year.
“As far as we know we were one of the fi rst game developers to switch to 100 per cent GreenPower,” explained CEO Rob Murray.
“Our business almost entirely exports to the USA and Europe, providing game development services for overseas publishers. We also develop our own games, like the critically acclaimed Mega Monster title. Primarily they are mobile phone games.”
Rob Murray founded Firemint in 1999 as a single person operation and has seen it grow. “Two years ago we had a little over 10 people, now we have closer to 30.” Like the company, the mobile games industry is growing. “It’s predicted that the world mobile
gaming industry will be worth $11 billion a year by 2010,” said Mr Murray.

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