Why GreenPower?

Today more than 647,000 Australian households and businesses support GreenPower - you too can support the renewable energy industry in Australia.

Around 90% of electricity* used in Australia is still generated from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and over 34% of Australia’s emissions come from electricity generation**.

This makes the electricity sector the biggest single contributor to Australia’s greenhouse emissions.

The benefit of switching to GreenPower accredited renewable energy is that it does not burn fossil fuels and therefore doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing your household greenhouse emissions by around 50%*** by switching to 100% GreenPower;
  • Renewable energy does not deplete any resources;
  • Driving demand for renewable energy, helping it to compete with polluting coal and gas based generation; and 
  • Helping to reduce water consumption as renewable energy generators generally use less water than coal and gas powered stations.

Switch to GreenPower for business, home,or events 

 *ABARE statistics


**Department of Climate Change


*** On average around 50% of Australian household emissions stem from electricity use, transport being another major contributor. Estimate derived from published AGO and ABARE statistics.

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