GreenPower offers your business an easy way to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenPower is a Government accredited program aimed at increasing the renewable energy uptake in Australia. It is also the easiest way for your business to reduce its Greenhouse gas emissions.

After you’ve made the switch, tell your work colleagues and employees, so they can reduce their energy use and help offset the cost of supporting GreenPower.

So be a part of the solution. Become a GreenPower business today.


  • Benefits

    GreenPower offers your business an easy way to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Increasingly, consumers are becoming more attracted to businesses that are seen as being environmentally conscious. Taking the lead in helping to drive demand for renewable energy and reducing your business carbon footprint are just a couple of the many potential benefits of switching to GreenPower.

    Eastern Creek NSW
    Eastern Creek Renewable Energy Facility
  • Costs

    You can choose the amount of accredited GreenPower you would like to purchase. If you purchase a minimum of 10 percent GreenPower you will be eligible to use the GreenPower logo in your marketing material. To be eligible to place your business logo and gain exposure on the GreenPower website home page, you must purchase a minimum of 50 percent.

    Capital Wind Farm near Bungendore, in NSW

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