Did you know that public and business events can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and become more environmentally friendly, by using government accredited GreenPower? At the same time driving renewable energy investment in Australia? 

GreenPowering your next event is a great way to show attendees that your organisation is taking proactive measures to reduce its carbon footprint by using fully accredited renewable energy, which produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

And because the bulk of the premium you pay for GreenPowering your event go directly back to renewable energy generators here in Australia, you will be helping to drive investment in the Australia's renewable energy sector, create local job opportunities and support local communities.  

As an added benefit, once you have GreenPowered your event you are eligible to use the GreenPower Event Logo to promote your efforts, and your event or company logo can be featured on the GreenPower website for all to see.  

One example is Byron Bay's Splendour in the Grass, one of the most well-known music festivals in the Australian music scene. In 2006, the festival neutralised all internally generated greenhouse gas emissions using a combination of GreenPower and carbon offset products. It eliminated 313 tonnes of greenhouse gas, the equivalent of taking 72 cars off the road for a year. 

Read more about how Splendour in the Grass reduced its carbon footprint by switching to GreenPower, here.   

So if you want to make a proactive effort to reduce your carbon emissions find out how to GreenPower your next event.


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