Join the more than 25,000 Australian businesses that are reducing their impact on the environment and helping to support Australia's renewable energy sector.

Since the Program's inception, GreenPower customers have saved more than eighteen million tonnes of greenhouse gases from the electricity sector, and voluntarily invested more than $1 Billion back into Australia's renewable energy sector. 

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GreenPower provides businesses and other organisations with a proactive way of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and lessening their impact on the environment. 

Businesses that purchase GreenPower are also helping to drive renewable energy investment in Australia over and above mandatory government requirements, are helping to create jobs in the Australian renewable energy sector and are supporting local suppliers who provide services to accredited generators.  

When businesses choose an accredited renewable energy product their GreenPower Provider commits to buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy from accredited GreenPower generators, ensuring more clean energy is added to the grid. GreenPower Providers’ are independently audited each year to ensure this is the case. 

In recognition of your GreenPower purchase, if your business purchases 10% or more of its annual electricity usage as GreenPower it is eligible to use the GreenPower Customer Logo on its marketing and business materials. There are a host of other marketing benefits for purchasing GreenPower as well. Visit the benefits page in the business section for more details.

So be a part of the solution. Become a GreenPower business today.




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