About Us

About Us

GreenPower is the only voluntary government accredited program that enables your electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on your household's or business' behalf.

A joint initiative of the ACT, NSW, SA and VIC governments, GreenPower guarantees that the renewable electricity you buy from energy suppliers meets stringent environmental standards. 

We independently audit the renewable energy sector to ensure that when you buy GreenPower, the energy you are buying is helping to develop new infrastructure in the renewable energy sector. This means that all the renewable energy purchased for GreenPower must come from generators built since 1997.

This is important because some significant renewable energy generation such as the Snowy Mountains Hydro Power station was built prior to 1997 and already provides Australia with about 5  - 6 percent of its renewable energy.

Examples of generation which is not allowed in the scheme include:

  • Pre-existing renewable energy generation prior to 1997;
  • Hydro power where significant river diversions have taken place as part of the hydro station being built;
  • Biomass using native rainforests;
  • Coal seam gas; and
  • All types of non-renewable generation including coal fired, natural gas, oil, and nuclear.

This website provides information on why you should switch to GreenPower, how much it will cost and tips for saving energy after you’ve made the switch.

You can also find out who is behind Greenpower, who is already using it, and where the Greenpower generators are, as well as accessing quarterly reports and annual audits.

Read on to discover why switching to GreenPower is a good way of supporting Australia's renewable energy industry and is the easiest way to significantly reduce your household's or business' impact on the environment.







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