Why GreenPower?

Currently around 90% of the electricity used in Australia is generated from the burning of fossil fuels [1], such as coal, and over 34% of Australia’s emissions [2] from electricity generation. This makes the electricity sector the biggest single contributor to Australia’s greenhouse emissions. 

By purchasing GreenPower you can be sure you are displacing your household's or business’ electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2009, GreenPower business and household customers have saved more than 9.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from going into our atmosphere. That's the equivalent of taking more than 2.9 million cars off the road for a full year! 

Importantly, this renewable energy is additional to the amount of renewable energy already in the grid as mandated by government requirements – such as the Renewable Energy Target. 

As well as reducing your impact on the environment, by becoming part of the GreenPower community, customers are helping to support Australia's renewable energy sector. That’s because the bulk of the premiums you pay for GreenPower go directly back to the GreenPower certified electricity generators.  Since 2009, GreenPower customers have been responsible for investing more than $500 million back into Australia's renewable energy industry. That’s no small sum! 

What’s more, by supporting these generators customers are helping to create jobs for their fellow Australians and are helping to support the businesses that supply services to these generators. 

There are more than 610,000 GreenPowered households and businesses in Australia doing their bit to reduce their impact on the environment and drive investment in our renewable energy sector. You have the power to be the next!

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